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Linguamatics is the world leader in deploying innovative natural language processing (NLP)-based text mining for high-value knowledge discovery and decision support. Linguamatics I2E is used by top commercial, academic and government organizations, including nine of the top ten global pharmaceutical companies and the U.S. FDA. I2E can be used to mine a wide variety of text resources, such as scientific literature, patents, clinical trials data, news feeds and proprietary content. It is available as an in-house enterprise system and software-as-a-service (SaaS) on the cloud.

Typical applications in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, healthcare, government and other sectors include:

*Mapping gene-disease relationships and identifying potentially novel therapeutic targets
* Biomarker discovery
* Drug repurposing
* Drug safety
* Patent analysis
* Clinical trial site selection and study design
* Mining electronic health records to improve prediction of health outcomes
* Translational medicine
* Competitive intelligence
* Social media mining
* Sentiment analysis